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How To Remove Gmail Account From Android

Delete Gmail Account in Android Phone This post helps you removing any Gmail (Google Account) in your Android phone, Most Android phones these days’ ship with Google’s full suite of applications, including Gmail, calendar etc., this...

How To Hide Files And Photos In Android Mobile

Hide secret Files and Photos in Android There are some mobiles that have inbuilt application to hide files, photos, and videos from another person touch. However, those who doesn’t have the inbuilt option to hide...

Speed Up Android Phones (5 Simple Steps)

Speed up Android Phone We got mail from one of the user asking "My Android phone is very slow, is there any way to Speed up my Phone?". This article is to speed up Android...
Recover android files

How to recover deleted files in android phone

Have you lost or deleted data accidently? There must be several files and thousands of data that you had stored in your device. It becomes a horror when you actually lose them accidently. It also...