Trick to Access your android device through web portal – Amazing!!!!

Trick to Access your android device through web portal – Amazing!!!!

Friends, I was looking for some cool apps ( mostly free) in play store, and also was googling around. I came across Airdroid. 


AirDroid is a free and fast app that helps you manage your Android from a web browser, all over the air. A virtual web access portal that helps you to manage your device via internet. 

1. Manage file system.

2. Access your apps. ( this needs the apps to be installed in your system).
3. Locate Phone 
4. Lock your phone in case of theft.

Airdroid needs a sign in using the ID we use for downloading apps from Play store. This is mainly done to authenticate your mobile and also to verify your device along with your PC. 

First and foremost of all, we have to download the Airdroid App for Mobile ( which is a few MegaBytes) and connect it via LAN ( if available) or Internet in case the mobile is in a remote location. 

This image is the web portal which shows up after we sign in using our Play Store account. The desktop kind of interface can be customized according to the user’s requirement. 

The mobile device’s camera can also be used as above from the airdroid web portal. We can record videos, Take snaps. This doesnt require the camera to be opened or configured in the mobile device. This is amazing. 

Oh I forgot to show you how it looks like in a mobile device. This is a screengrab from my Galaxy Grand Quattro.

This is the Airdroid Application that has to be installed in the phone. Initially the application of the mobile needs a connection that connects the web portal via LAN ( in case the device is near or connected to the same network) or Internet ( in case when the device is far from the PC connecting the portal). 
Hope You guys find this useful. See you soon with other interesting posts. 


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