Top 5 Android Launchers

Android Launchers! a launcher is a function in Android that controls the way we organize, arrange, and interact with the apps. Launchers consist of several home screens – we can visit those home screens and arrange apps and shortcuts, app drawer, and widgets. Every smartphone has a launcher. However, over time, it is important to upgrade the launcher.

Best 5 Launchers for Android Phones:

Android is undoubtedly heavier than iOS in many ways, especially customization. Android smartphones are available with different skins and variants for a distinct look. While Google endeavors to improve the OS to the optimum, OEMs are usually lighter. Besides millions of Android games and apps on the Play Store, Launchers are the special set of apps that exceed expectations with respect to customization. Android smartphone users boast the fact that a simple app, a launcher, can actually change the look of their phone. At present, several million Android apps in the Play Store of which we have selected the top 5 in terms of ranking and user-friendly features. Here’s the list:

  1. The Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher is the best of Android launchers right now. It is available in the Google Play Store for quite some time. All you need to do is to download its Prime version and avail all the features. Even the Free version is good after the latest updates v5.0 and above.

    Install Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher Features:
    – The launcher mainly emphasizes on giving a cleaner home screen, just like a pixel
    – Once downloaded and installed, the launcher greets you with a welcome screen and asks whether you want to restore the previous version or start afresh.
    – You would be asked the theme and app drawer style, and then open app drawer action
    – You can enable “Swipe to Open” app drawer feature or make changes to the Google Search bar layout.
    – Although you do not get anything new on screen, it is simple and easier to use
    – Apply third-party icon pack, animations, enhance scroll speed, and change the app’s color accent with ease.

  2. Microsoft Launcher

    Microsoft Launcher (formerly known as Arrow Launcher) is a much lighter Android launcher – both in terms of battery and memory. It offers amazing fluid experience. It gives you ample scope of customization.

    Install Microsoft Launcher

    Microsoft Launcher Features:

    – The launcher comes with an app drawer and an option to hide the app
    – Using the app drawer, search for apps and use some of the amazing features of the app
    -You can see all the recent posts, apps, photos, contacts, documents and reminders in the extreme right corner of the Home Screen

  3. Action Launcher

    The third in the queue is the Action Launcher. Though not light in memory, it is light on the battery.

    Install Action Launcher

    Action Launcher Features:
    – Enjoy a bunch of unique shortcuts
    – The UI resembles stock Android – an advantage. For example, the Quick App Drawer shortcut
    – Shutter icons are a unique feature of the app
    – The app has its own theme engine that allows you to play with the icon packs, size, scale, grid etc
    – You can easily customize the app drawer, dock, and desktop settings

  4. Evie Launcher

    One of the neatest and most secure Android launchers, the Evie Launcher has plenty of features. Besides being very light in size and battery, you can easily and efficiently use your handset.

    Install Evie Launcher

    Evie Launcher Features
    – Easy setting with app drawer and vertical scroll feature in 2 layouts
    – Customize icon size
    – No premium or paid version
    – Enable customize gestures, unread badges and hide apps
    – Easy search options- search nearby stores, apps, contacts etc

  5. Solo Launcher

    Solo Launcher is a favorite Android launcher amongst people who like to read the news every day. It is a free launcher available in the Play Store. It offers necessary customizations.

    Install Nova Launcher

    Solo Launcher Features
    – Solo Now is the greatest highlight of this Android launcher. It is the news hub of Android users
    – You can follow the page with three tabs – Popular, Latest, and Entertainment
    – A well-organized and simple app drawer
    – Dedicated Theme Engine within the app with an option to customize Quick Settings
    – Quick toggle options

Choose your favorite Android launcher from here.


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