Top 5 Android Phones in market.

                   Here is the List of Latest trending Best 5 Android Phones, with the right mix of Features, Performance and Style. Given by ThinkDigit.

                  #1 HTC One: 

                            The new HTC One ranks first in Android phone  rating with its Excellent Build and Design.

                 #2 HTC Butterfly:

                           HTC Butterfly is the Fastest Smartphone and HTCbutterfly’s Screen is best still now.                                        

                 #3 Sony Xperia Z:                         

                           Sony Xperia Z, the water proof mobile still now sounds good with its 5-inch 1080p Screen and Body Style.  

                 #4 HTC One X+:     

                           This is the Third Best HTC device with Excellent Screen 

quality and smart design.



                 #5 Google Nexus 4:

                              Google Nexus 4, with solid body quality and best features with Average camera Quality.                      

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