Best 5 Free Ringtone Maker Apps for Android (Music Cutter 2019)

Android platform is highly customizable. This is where Android beats the iOS. There are several wallpapers and ringtone apps for Android that can help you truly personalize your device. While you can download HD wallpapers from Google images directly, downloading and applying a new ringtone is not that simple. Several applications on the Google Play Store can help you download as well as set a new ringtone for your device.

Top 5 Free Android Ringtone Apps

Here, I shall list down the top 5 ringtone apps for Android that work like magic in setting a new ringtone for your Android phone. You can download these applications for free on the Play Store. I have created a list of applications featuring a small footprint and the most simplified way to change ringtones. In addition, these applications provide you with a large collection of ringtones that consist of thousands of different tones from various famous songs and jingles.

  1. Audiko Ringtones 

    The Audiko ringtones app is one of the top ringtone apps for Android because it allows you to identify the existing ringtones. You can use this feature when a phone rings beside you identify the tune and download the ringtone. It works like the Shazam App for the ringtones on smartphones. You also get access to a large library of ringtones that consists of thousands of different ringtones from around the globe. The intuitive interface on the application allows you to search for a ringtone and set it quickly.

    Install Audiko Ringtones

  2. Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker 

    MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker♫
    Price: To be announced

    If you already have a pretty good idea of the ringtone that you wish to keep for your Android device, you can download the Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker application. It allows you to crop an Mp3 file on your device and set the cut part as the ringtone. This tool is helpful for people who wish to set a certain small portion of their favorite song as their ringtones.You can also record a voice on the recorder feature of the application to give it a personal touch. For example, you can ask your girlfriend to record a special message for you which you can set as a personal ringtone for every time she calls you.

    Install Mp3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

  3. Notification Ringtones

    Android phones come pre-loaded with various notification sounds for multiple purposes. However, none of these is especially good. You can download the Notification Ringtones application to unlock several hundred notification tones for your phone. You can set individual different notification tone for notifications from different applications.

    Install Notification Ringtones

    For example, you can set a different notification sound for an email alert, SMS, as well as a WhatsApp message.

  4. Andro Ringtones

    The Andro Ringtones application allows you to share your favorite ringtones with your friends via email. This way you and your circle of friends all can share the same ringtone on your phones. This feature makes it one of the most popular ringtone apps for Android.

    Install Andro Ringtones


  5. Business Ringtone


    If you want to keep it classic and simple, you might want to go for the Business Ringtone application. This application consists of specially curated 150 different ringtones that are perfect for professional business scenarios. Therefore, if you are planning to start a new job soon, you might want to download and use this application to give a customized and professional feel to your incoming calls.

    Install Business Ringtones

    All the applications on the list need special permissions from your device to change the ringtone from the app interface itself. After giving the permission, you can easily change your device’s ringtone from the application interface itself without going to your phone’s settings menu.


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