Best Photoshop Apps for Android Phones 2018

Photoshop for Android Phones

Android hosts one of the biggest app stores in the world for mobile platforms. You can find millions of gaming utility as well as social media applications on the Google Play Store easily. You can also find apps that work like Photoshop for Android phones. Editing images takes a lot of skills an advanced knowledge of Photoshop and other photo-editing software. However, you can find several apps that work like Photoshop for Android phones that come with preloaded filters for carrying out basic editing easily.

Now, you do not need to be an expert at editing photos; instead, you can easily change the color gamut, saturation, highlight, boundaries, etc. for all your pictures on the phone. The best part about using Photoshop for Android phones is that you do need to waste time transferring your photos from Smartphone to laptop to make edits.

Bonus: Top Photo-editing Apps for Android

Here, I will list down the top 4 applications that work like Photoshop for Android phones.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

The Adobe Photoshop Express is as close as you can get to the Photoshop software on a mobile platform. If you have experience working with Photoshop on desktop/laptop, you will fund several similarities on this application. Although the application cannot perform even a fraction of the tasks that an actual Photoshop software can, it gives you access to basic editing features. These features are more than enough to highlight a selfie or a landscape image properly.

You can also avail an access to several premium borders for your as well as advanced packs that unlock major photo-editing features. The application is available for free however, you can unlock the advanced pack by paying a small premium.

2. Facetune

The Facetune application is one of the best photo-editing applications for editing selfies. It helps you enhance the overall selfie experience by editing the images almost automatically. You can increase your smile as well as whiten your teeth using the intuitive tools on the application.

The application is available for free download over Windows, Android as well as iOS platforms. You can also edit the colour of your hair to give yourself a funky look on the selfie.

3. Camera360 App

If you wish to use only filters and do not wish to engage in other complex editing features, the Camera360 app is perfect for you. This application allows you to take an image and edit it right away. You can also edit images that you clicked previously by applying pre-selected filters.

With the application, you get access to over 200 different filters that are specially curated considering the needs of the market.

4. Autodesk Pixlr

The Autodesk Pixlr application is one of the most popular Photoshop apps on Android because it offers a comprehensive collection of filters, overlays as well as borders. It also features an intuitive interface. The application is perfect for creative people who do not just wish to add a few filters to the image but add a truly creative element to it.

The Autodesk Pixlr application also allows you to add text to the images. Therefore, if you are a witty person who loves to create memes from captured images, you must have this app on your phone.

Other popular applications that work like Photoshop for Android phones include PicsArt, Candy Camera, Flickr, Instagram, etc. Make sure that you have a lot of free space on your Android phone before downloading these applications because you need to download additional suites to start editing your photos. Sharing great photos is easy with all these applications too because they allow you to post an image on social media directly from the app int



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