Best 4 Photo Editing Apps for Android (Selfie Editing 2019)

Top Photo Editing Android Apps

Photo editing apps are highly in demand. The cameras on the leading smartphones as well as tablets are improving at a rapid rate as well. With a little tweak and enhancement using a specialized photo editing apps, pristine photos captured by your camera becomes a gorgeous piece of art.

However, market-wise, saturation level is very high when photo editing apps are concerned. Both iOS and Android, the market is flooded with new apps, which makes it challenging for users.

There is nothing to fret, though! Since you are looking for the best photo editing app, we present to you a list of the best apps for Android and iOS. Whether you want to carry the app in your pocket or you prefer a desktop photo editor, we have a list of all that made headlines in 2018.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

#1: Google Snapseed

Android Snapseed

It is a fantastic app, and free too. It leaves several desktop photo editors behind with the finest features packed in one. Besides usual rotation and cropping tools, it features options to modify perspective, depth of fields, brightness, and curves.

The Expand tool is the most interesting feature of the app that calculates the area surrounding a subject and uses data to enlarge the canvas.

Snapspeed is equally useful for portraits and selfies.

#2: Adobe Photoshop Express


The best Adobe photo editing tools are clubbed in one app – the Photoshop Express. It is a free app. You can use your Adobe ID or Facebook/Google account to log in, edit your pictures, and store it in the cloud. Along with all the basic editing tools, the app features smart filters used for common corrections like fogging, temperature etc.

There are several artistic effects and borders in the app. Once you finish editing, you can save the photos to the device.

#3: Prisma


Prisma is an exceptionally great photo editing tool with plenty of filters like painting and drawing. Once you try it, and you are convinced, there can be no other app better than this.

The app features a generous selection of filters in addition to in-app purchase filters.

You can share all our creations on the Prisma feed that works just like Instagram.

#4: Facetune


For selfie-addicts, Facetune is an amazing app that features many filters. A paid app, Facetune allows you to adjust colors, blur imperfections, whiten teeth, and reshape bodies and faces completely. That’s interesting!

Once you are done with editing, add filters, and save the photo on your device, or share it on Facebook or Instagram.

With all the latest information about Android photo editing apps, choose the new you like the most.


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