Best Email Apps for Android (Top 5 email Apps)

Email is a part of our daily lives in more than one ways now. So is a smartphone. Specially curated email apps for Android help us use the email services from various providers in a more natural and intuitive way. We use the email services from Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc. on a daily basis to create new online accounts and avail various types of computing services.

Best 5 Email Apps for Android:

You will find thousands of listings when you search for an email application on the Google Play Store. However, only a handful of these email services are reliable and help you perform tasks efficiently. Here I shall list down the top 5 email apps for Android as per customer ratings and downloads for increased productivity as well as ease of use.

  1. Blue Email

    The Blue Email app for Android devices is one of the most popular email applications on the Google Play Store. The intuitively designed interface on the application with the light blue theme is easy on the eyes and provides a general fluid experience to it. The application is capable of handling an unlimited number of email accounts. This high capacity allows the application to be a one-stop solution for all your email needs.

    You can sync your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, etc. email IDs with this account for extensibility.

  2. Email – Email Inbox

    Email – Email Inbox is another one of the popular email applications for Android used by millions of Android users. Just like the Blue Email application, it allows you to link an email account from several different service providers on a single application interface. The application also allows you to automatically import contacts from various email accounts onto your device for easy access.

    The smart application is designed in a way to enable push notifications, quiet hours, ringtone for emails, etc.

  3. Microsoft Outlook

    The official Microsoft Outlook application allows you to access your Microsoft account from your Android phone. The best part of using the application is that it can establish automatic links to various Microsoft services like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Exchange, etc. Once you have downloaded all these different applications on your Android phone, the application will automatically harness their power.

    Microsoft Outlook

    The Microsoft Outlook application is also your daily driver to the cloud storage solutions offered by Microsoft in form of the OneDrive application.

  4. Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo is one of the primary email service providers on the internet. If you have a Yahoo account, you must download the Yahoo Mail application on your device to use the email service in the most intuitive way. The Yahoo Mail application allows you to personalize your email experience by giving you access to custom themes for the interface. It is by far one of the most creative email applications on the Android platform.

  5. Gmail

    The Gmail application is the most useful and widely used email service in the world right now. The application comes preinstalled on your Android device. In fact, you cannot start using the device to its full potential till you log in to a Gmail account. The intuitively designed application is the fastest and the simplest of all the Android applications on the Play Store.

    Price: Free

    The Gmail application can also import emails from other email providers like Yahoo, Outlook, etc. making it a true email app companion for all your needs.

Other great email apps for Android include RediffMail, Aqua Mail, Maildroid, etc. Downloading these email apps on Android device and subscribing to the latest newsletters from various websites pertaining to your interest will keep you up to date with the latest happenings across the globe.


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