15 Best Camera Apps for Android (Camera Apps 2019)

In today’s world camera is one of the fundamental units of the digital empire. Its need and necessity have made people’s work and life easier with less time usage. Employer and employee relationship is less hocus-pocus due to the camera being a make-shift lawyer (Finally! Less chaos.) Our friends and family’s best time pass is admiring themselves in the digital screen, that is, always snapping and editing themselves with various advanced features provided by highly featured camera apps available to Android on Google Play. Here are some of the apps I like that can be fun to use and let you love yourself more.

  1. Google Camera App

    Google Kamera
    Price: Free

    Discover the shiniest new features that Google has introduced to Android photography with this app. The Google Camera App allows you to click super sharp snaps with a variety of enhanced features like HDR+, video stabilization and even slow motion video effects plus lens blur and photosphere. Not only these, Google Camera also supports four types of panoramic photography namely, Horizontal, Vertical, Wide-angle and Fisheye.

    Download Google Camera App

  2. Camera FV-5

    Camera FV-5 Lite
    Price: Free

    A perfect replacement to DSLR photography, this app is best for photography enthusiast and professionals providing a full control over ISO, white balance, light-metering focus etc. Giving a complete control over all necessary features of photography, it is no doubt one of the best camera apps. It has two versions- Lite and Pro. Lite version is free with limited features, fewer than the professional version.

    Download Camera FV-5 Camera App

  3. Open Camera

    Open Camera
    Price: Free

    An open source app with all necessary camera features which has support for focus and scene modes, auto-stabilizer, HD video recording, handy remote controls, configurable volume keys, geo-tagging of photos and videos, support for an external microphone, HDR, small file size and etc. Definitely worth a try!

    Download Open Camera Camera App

  4. Camera MX

    Giving its users a complete control to the resolution providing clear visuals which ensures sharp images, Camera MX is a full-featured app and has plenty to offer when it comes to taking pictures. Not just this, with Camera MX camera app you can also create animated videos and of course photos with available effects, filters, frames to give a creative editing experience. It also provides options of live shots and Shoots the Past feature where you can also capture the moment for the image that has already been passed after the image was clicked! So cool! Isn’t?

    Download Camera MX Camera App

  5. Candy Camera App

    This camera app is another fun filled app providing its’ users a huge number of effects, filters, beauty applicators and so on… This app makes selfies a lot better than been originally taken. This app also provides makeup tools, stickers, face slimming effects etc. It is not a recommended app for photography lovers but a good app for selfie lovers.

    Download Candy Camera App Camera App

  6. Footej Camera

    Footej Camera
    Price: Free+

    This camera app ensures to keep things tidy with attractive UI, enabling the users to capture high-quality photos and videos with the integrated built-in gallery. Available on Google Play Store (Free with in-app purchases)

    Download Footej Camera Camera App

  7. Camera360

    Price: Free+

    Another free camera app for Android users, with multiple options of varied effects of every kind, allowing its users to click pictures like a pro! It also allows applying the effects directly to the picture while clicking it. Not so easy to use the app but once you have explored properly all its features, you will never get your hands off it. It enables you to take some amazing professional-looking photos in quick steps proving other features like motion stickers, exquisite filters, image editors etc. Available on Google Play Store (Free with in-app purchases) –contains ads.

    Download Camera360 Camera App

  8. Autodesk Pixlr

    Price: Free+

    Focussing solely on photos, this camera app provides tons of effects, impressive editing tools and college options thereby listing itself in the top most powerful photo editor on a palm! This camera app has the simplest instructions that make its usage simpler. An easy to use camera app. Available on Google Play Store

    Download Autodesk Pixlr Camera App

  9. Snapseed

    Price: Free

    With the massive number of editing tools, this brings even the bad photos to jump to life, giving its users an ultimate control over their images through feature options like the blur, temperature, vignette and so on… This camera app is also a complete treat for vintage look fans by giving the option to apply vintage filters like grainy overlays, 1960-style film reel, retro etc. Snapseed is great at applying multiple filter layers and Photoshop giving the pictures a new look every time. Available on Google Play Store.

    Download Snapseed Camera App

  10. Little Photo

    Removed from Google Play store

    With an enormous list of 70 plus effects and editing tools, this camera app is one of the highest rated editing apps on Google Play Store. It features an extensive range of new effects and filters that may not be available on other camera apps for free. Apart from the application of multiple filter layers, this camera app lets you apply the filter on the picture not just in full but also to the half of the picture giving it a unique edited result. Very easy to use and user-friendly app which makes sure its users have unique editing experience. Little Photo App also does not limit itself to here, but every time some new filters and effects are added with each subsequent update.

  11. VSCO Camera

    Price: Free+

    One of the best apps for all photography freaks, without the fuss of likes and comments and other popularity. It is the perfect outlet for photography lovers to inspire, share and publicize. The VSCO app has its own unique technology that promises to process a dazzling, professional like the result that is not yet available on any Android device. Whilst editing any type of photos, the viewers can see a visible difference between the original shot and the finished product. Also, the before and after feature provides a great allowance to compare the changes. After finishing their editing the users are given an option to share their masterpieces on social sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app has its own sharing platform – VSCO Journal, the perfect place to share without any criticism.

    Download VSCO Camera Camera App

  12. Instagram

    Price: Free

    This app should be of no surprise as its one of the most popular photo-sharing social site. Instagram provides its users with full control over the look of their pictures. It has the most suiting effects according to your photos with a load of creative tools. Instagram also provides cross-post on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. It allows you to save pictures to your gallery and share on any other social site. The app remains as number 1 choice of people around the world for capturing their sceneries, aesthetic sunsets and mouth-watering suppers. You are allowed to follow your friends, favorite celebrities and family, basically have a snoop of their life. Instagram provides a great feature-Direct Message that allows you to instantly message your friends and family.

    Download Instagram Camera App

  13. YouCam Perfect Photo App

    Turn ordinary photos into extraordinary images with a long list of available effects, tools and photo configurations provided by this amazing YouCam camera app. This app also allows its users to share the images to a number of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and also messenger apps like WhatsApp and hike.
    Available on Google Play Store (Free)

    Download YouCam Perfect Camera App

  14. YouCam Makeup Camera

    Not a regular camera app but good to transform ordinary selfies into beauty Diva selfie with a range of Makeup filters and stunning photo effects. It is perfect camera app for makeup lovers who love makeovers, as it provides lips, eyes, brows, teeth makeover instantly. Users can edit images with accessories, jewellery, sunglasses and also fun effects. It provides instant picture sharing on various social sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. and also save all the edited pictures in HD quality.
    Available on Google Play Store (Free)

    Download YouCam Makeup Camera App

  15. ProShot Camera

    Price: 3,89 €

    An easy to use camera app that lets you know all its features in one go, giving you the ability to control user’s smartphone just like a DSLR. Apart from Auto, Manual and Program Modes, this camera app provides two other customizable mode as well along with automatic and manual control over exposure, flash, focus, shutter speed etc. It can be listed as a powerful camera app for smartphones.
    Available on Google Play Store (Free)

    Download ProShot Camera App


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