Best 15 Beauty Apps for Android ( Beauty and Makeup Apps 2019)

In this article, we’ll be looking at the best makeup and beauty apps for 2019 that you can download straight to your android.    

Since smartphones came into the picture, almost everything we do now is through our smartphones. We read books, send text messages, find dates, make money transactions, send emails, shop, play games, and do all sorts of things on our phone.

We spend more time staring at our phones than we do the mirror and even our TV screens. Considering all that we do on our smartphones, it isn’t that farfetched to start thinking of them as beauty aids. With the help of your smartphone, you can up your beauty game in a major way.

Beauty and Make-up Android Apps 2019

All you need is the right makeup app or beauty app that’ll assist you in choosing the right color for your nails, hair skins, try out new techniques, and make it easier to apply your makeup. 

With the help of any one of these apps, selecting the right makeup style no longer has to be a hassle.

1. Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is another application which is recommended by the Editor’s to use for
beautifications. Several cute filters are provided to users so that they get the best out of their images. The best feature in this application is Live Auto Retouch, this feature allows you to just drop your flawless images over the application and it will give you back the best image ready to upload on social media.

The magic brush and additional filters will help you manually edit your image as per your like and the most important thing is that you can upload your images directly to the social media
from this application.

2. YouCam Makeup

With YouCam makeup, you can record a makeover mash up video. Try on different makeup looks automatically, and record them in a 30-second video. Make your skin look flawless, adjust the skin tones as you wish, and give yourself an effortless tan.

The app also has a face editor that includes skin toner and skin smooth that will help your skin look flawless. You can also add blush, or remove shine if you want a pristine, natural look. Overlay makeup style and change eye color to dress up and down for any occasion.

YouCam Makeup app also lets you try on hairstyles over different faces. It’ll also let you pick between lip-gloss and lipstick and even let you choose between bright colors or classic matte colors.

3. Makeup Plus – Makeup Camera

MakeupPlus - Makeup Kamera
Price: To be announced

Here are another beauty and makeup app for Android that’ll take your pictures and selfie editing skills to higher levels.

Give your selfies a full virtual makeover using a wide range of makeover tools such as lipsticks, brows, hair color, eyelashes, contour, glitter, and even faux freckles.        

4. Perfect 365: One-Tap Makeover


With one tap, this app lets you try on makeup. Experiment with different makeup tricks to try on a new and refreshing look. You can customize your looks, or go with the latest makeup trends and styles. Perfect 365 will help you select your look for the day. Before you post any picture on social media, why not upload it to the app, get the touches you want to be done, and clarify your photo to make it even more beautiful.

5. Facetune


This is another beautiful portrait image and selfie editor. Facetune gives you several powerful and easy-to-use tools that you can use to provide yourself with a flawless and perfect look. After you’re done editing, you’ll look like you just stepped off a fashion magazine. This beauty and makeover app also lets you share your favorite looks with your friends and followers on social media.

6. Mary Kay Mobile Virtual Makeover

This Virtual Makeover app from Mary Kay lets you pick out different looks with an endless combination of lip colors, eye makeup, hair colors, hairstyles, accessories, and anything else you need to make yourself look fabulous.

Upload a picture from your library, take one with your camera, or select from various models and start styling. You can save any look you love your phone’s photo album. You can also buy the while look or create a shopping list filled with your favorite products.

7. Ulta Beauty

Ulta Beauty rewards you with bonus offers, expiring point’s info, points balance & redemption value, history and Platinum status. You can also view your account order history and order tracking as well.                 

Ulta Beauty is quite similar to the Sephora app in that it lets you search for beauty products, read reviews on said products, and buy your favorites instantly. The Ulta Beauty app can help you find your favorite skincare, haircare, and makeup products. You can shop by category and filter by brand, best sellers, prices, or new arrivals. The checkout process is also quite easy. You can also scan the barcodes of products in stores to get the product ratings, info, and reviews.

8. ModiFace Makeup

Virtual Makeover
Price: Free

If you consider ModiFace as one of the best beauty apps for android, you won’t be wrong. It’s also available on iPhone and Windows, so no matter the phone you use, you’ll always look good. The app gives users the opportunity to go through a virtual makeover, taking their looks to an entirely new level.

There are several makeover effects, makeup simulations, and cosmetic colors to choose from. You can try out different hues and shades in a matter of seconds. ModiFace app also lets you try out over 40 celebrity hairstyles. You can even add on accessories like jewels, sunglasses, earrings and more.

9. Beautylish


Beautylish is a multipurpose app that gives you the latest beauty trends, lets you shop for makeup products, and learn how to do your makeup.

It also has reviews from several makeup professionals as well as tutorials that will inspire you to try the looks out for yourself. You can also purchase any item you like.

10. Lakme Makeup Pro

Lakmé Makeup Pro

Lakme Makeup Pro is a makeup app from the Indian firm, Hindustan Unilever Limited. They are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of beauty and health products so you know you can count on their expertise.

The app accesses the front camera on your phone to teach you both basic and advanced makeup styles that’ll match your skin color, type, and sensitivity. You can also check out the Virtual pro-styles that have been selected by beauty experts.

11. Sephora


The app also includes a virtual makeover artist that can assist in transforming your looks using just a few taps. It also offers makeup tips, hair, and nails, skin care for your skin type, beauty rewards, and treatments.               

Most people – even those that aren’t big on makeup – are familiar with Sephora USA Inc. well the Sephora app was developed by them. It is a popular Beauty Makeup, Skin Care and Fragrance shop app. With more than a million views and an impressive 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store, the Sephora app has you covered when it comes to all your beauty needs

12. Hair Color Changer Ultimate


Hair Color Changer is a great tool for light and dark hair regions. Once you’re done with your hair makeover, you can share the result with your friends, or upload it to your favorite social media site. You can draw and erase hair regions, and control the intensity and brightness as you please.           

One of the best beauty apps for Android is the ultimate hair color changer. Simply upload your photo, brush your hair, and pick different hair colors from the color palette. The app also comes with a color adjustment feature that lets you modify a particular hair color.

13. OPI Nail Studio


Price: Free

This is a portable Try-It-On Studio app. OPI Nail Studio lets you try out every color on her catalog on your nails. The app also includes an adjustable skin tone as well as a nail length feature for increased accuracy.

You can also search by collection or color name, and you’re your favorite shades for later. The app also keeps you informed of the latest OPI news via their Facebook tab.    

14. The Glam App

Price: To be announced

Renowned makeup artist/celebrity hairstylist Joey Malouf and actress/blogger Cara Santan came together to bring users this beauty app. What makes this app one of the best beauty apps for Android is the assortment of stylists, and freelance artists it works with that are ready to give you expert advice on makeup, hair and nail services.

Whether you want to add some touches to your look, or you’re looking for a complete makeover, this app is excellent for you.                

15. Slapp

Price: To be announced

Slapp is one of the best beauty apps for android that you’ve been looking for to take your looks to the next level (even if you didn’t know it yet). Take a selfie, or upload a picture straight from your camera roll to the app.

Slapp will then analyze your complexion, and suggest the ideal signature color for your face, eyes, lips, and hair. It’ll also show you some options that you can purchase for your color palette.

Which one of these apps do you like the most?

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