Best Antivirus for Samsung Android Phones

Antivirus for Samsung Android Phones

The need for antivirus for Samsung Android phones is increasing as they are getting vulnerable to lot of recent malware and Samsung’s heating problem. Also, cybersecurity threats are increasing on the internet every day. We cannot ignore the fact that browsing the internet attracts a lot of viruses and spyware. It is a good idea to keep an antivirus for your Samsung Android phones installed to prevent data theft.

Nearly all of us save several pieces of sensitive and confidential passwords our Samsung smartphones. While a fingerprint lock or a pattern protection prevents physical theft of data from the device, it cannot prevent theft via a hack. It is crucial that you maintain a clean environment on your Samsung smartphone using an antivirus for your Samsung Android phones so that no virus, spyware or malware steals and transmits your data.

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Here, I will list down the top antivirus apps for Samsung Android phones available for free on the Google Play Store.

1. Avast Mobile Security


Avast mobile security is a one-stop solution for all your Samsung mobile security, it is the best antivirus for your Samsung Phone. It provides protection against the most common mobile viruses as harmful software. It also checks each file that you download on the device. In case of a potential threat, it automatically puts the file under quarantine for safety.

Other important features that make the application stand out from the crowd include in-app locking, one-touch scan as well as call blocker. The application is available for free. However, it features advertisements which can be removed by paying a small premium fee.

2. McAfee Security

The McAfee security application comes pre-installed with several mobile devices, this works well with Samsung phones also. Almost all the new Samsung smartphones and tablets can work well with the McAfee premium version application. The application features a very intuitive interface that is easy to use with a one-click scan for the device.

The application also allows you to remotely lock the device and take a picture of the thief, in case it is stolen by someone. The premium version of the application also entitles you to a free support by the McAfee customer care.

3. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus


After excelling at creating comprehensive antivirus systems for Samsung laptops and desktops, Kaspersky has brought the antivirus for the mobile platform. The lite and small version of the application ensures that the day to day performance of your device stays unaffected. The application comes pre-installed with malicious site checker that prevents you from accessing potentially dangerous websites on your Samsung phone.

4. Norton Security

The Norton security application is one of the best-automated antivirus tools for a Samsung mobile device. An important feature of the application allows you to unlock the device with an SMS in case you forget the password.

You get a free 30-day premium trial version in which you can enjoy using the application for free. However, after the end of this period, you need to pay a small premium to enjoy the ad-lite version in your Samsung phone.

5. Avira Antivirus for Mobile Devices

The Avira mobile antivirus receives constant updates from the app’s developers. The application’s virus database is updated on a daily basis to ensure that your device is safe against the latest potential threats. You can scan both the internal as well as the external memory of your smartphone/tablet using this application.

So, here are the Top 6 Antivirus applications for your Samsung Android Phones, Installing a good antivirus for Android phone keeps your device safe from potential threats of hacks. Several antivirus applications can hinder the overall performance and internet speed of your Samsung device. However, the applications on this list are devised in a lite mode to ensure that your Android phone handles them perfectly. Updating your phone with the latest Android updates is also a good idea to keep the potential threats at an arm’s length.


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