Android for Left Handers

Left Handers Guide to use Android Phone:

Are you a left Hander? don’t waste your time. There are plenty of options in Android, You can do anything with your mobile. one of the best option for the left handers is the Force “RTL Layout Direction” – On selection this option your layout will be entirely flipped from your right to the left, Hence it is easy for the left handers to select options, Buttoning texting and everything.

Follow the Below given steps to change your Android phone from Right Hand use to left Hand Use.

Step 1: Drag down your notification bar,

Step 2: Click on the settings

android for left handers  (1)                                                 android for left handers  (1)

Step 3: Goto Developer options, if you cant find Developer option just goto about phone and Tap “Build number” more than five times till you get developer option enabled.

Step 4: Inside Developer option, under Drawing cateory you could find “Force RTL Layout direction” Just check it and the total layout will be getting changed.

android for left handers  (1)                                                   android for left handers  (1)

Step 5: You could find even your Notification bar is flipped from right to left.

android for left handers  (1)

Note : If this transformation from right to left is not good, you can uncheck the “Force RTL Layout direction” to revert your Android device back to normal. Feel free to comment below.


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