Top 20 HD Android Games under 100 MB 2019

Using a very low-end Android mobile to play Games? or Your super cool mobile is already filled with a lot of Games and your phone starts hanging but still you need games to play which are less than 100 Mb? No worries we have the best list of top 20 Android Games under 100 Mb for you. You can also read my previous post to Speed up your Android Phone.

List of HD Android Games size under 100mb

You might want to spend some of your mobile data to download these awesome games.

1. Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a futuristic multidimensional game that requires complete attention and harmony within you to excel. Break and smash glass objects on your way while you make it your destination. It is a FREE to use android game application.

Smash Hit
Price: Free+

Size – 79M

Rating – 4.5

2. Temple Run 2

One of the most played games worldwide, this Temple run sequel offers a wide range of skins, scenarios, characters and more while you keep running dodging from attacks and demanding terrains. It is a FREE downloadable application.

Temple Run 2
Price: Free+

Size – 75M

Rating – 4.3

3. Super Mario Run

Mario, the famous gaming character stars in this game as well. As Mario keeps running, dodge everything on your way to make it to the top.

Super Mario Run
Price: Free+

Size – 70M

Rating – 3.7

4. Plants Vs Zombies 2

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a hit action-strategy adventure game where a player meets, greets and defeats legions of funny looking and sounding zombies. It is a FREE android game.

Size – (Size varies Phone to Phone)

Rating – 4.4

5. Candy Crush Saga

A very popular and most widely played game Candy Crush Saga is a complete time pass where a player matches patterns with the incoming pieces to smash candies and gather points.

Candy Crush Saga
Price: Free+

Size – 81M

Rating – 4.4

6. Fruit Ninja

Cut fruits with as many cuts possible with your sword. More cuts and less misses within a time limit is key to scoring your best.

Fruit Ninja®
Price: Free+

Size – 90M

Rating – 4.3

7. Angry Birds 2

An Angry Birds’ sequel, Angry Birds’ 2 offers new ways and characters to destroy the invading pigs.

Angry Birds 2
Price: Free+

Size – 60M

Rating – 4.6

8. Reigns

Set in a medieval era, you as a monarch of a kingdom fight your enemies and keep expanding your bases.

Price: 3,09 €

Size – 78M

Rating – 4.7

9. Fast Like A Fox

Fast Like A Fox is  A single player 2D game where the user navigates his fast running fox move in and out the terrain collecting coins.

Fast like a Fox
Price: Free

Size – 12M

Rating – 4.3

10. Blek

Blek is a puzzle game where a player draws a black line, much more like a snake that appears in pattern and varied velocity. One has to avoid the black dots while removing the colored ones. It is a FREE application.

Price: 0,99 €

Size – 21M

Rating – 4.1

11. Piano Tiles 2

Player has to touch black tiles while ignoring the white ones or ones that are differently colored in this game. Do not miss any black tiles to gather best score.

Piano Tiles 2™
Price: Free+

Size – 65M

Rating – 4.7

12. Dumb Ways To Die 2

Play with your hilarious and dumb characters, while they die for actually no reason. A must play game for those who want a good laugh.

Android App –

Size – 71M

Rating – 4.2

13. Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a puzzle multiplayer game where you mix and match words to win the title.

Size – 78M

Rating – 4.3

14. Wild Wiener

Squirrel hunting game where the player is a golden dachshund. A FREE android game.

Price: Free+

Size – 37M

Rating – 4.8

15. MotoRacing 3D

Moto Racing is a 3D bike racing game with multiple characters, terrain and bikes.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Size – 79M

16. Roll The Ball

Roll The Ball is a maze puzzle game where the player has to match tiles to make way for a ball to reach its destination. The game gets tougher as you proceed.

Size – Varies with Device

Rating – 4.5

17. Nihilumbra

Nihiumbra is a horror game where you have to escape the curse. A must try for those with a passion for horrific sounds and adventures.

Price: Free+

Size – 22M

Rating – 4.5

18. The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats is a free-to-play strategy tower defense game on Android and iOS devices.

The Battle Cats
Price: Free+

Size – 90M

Rating – 4.5

19. PokeMan Shuffle

Line up the right set of cards in pattern to win each level. The game gets harder as you progress.

Size – 74M

Rating – 4.4

20. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based strategic adventure. Build your kingdom, fight evil tribe and make the virtual Polytopia a safe place for your citizens.

Size – 30M

Rating – 4.7

So, here end the Top 20 Android Apps less than 100Mb, this will make your mobile easy to work without hanging or getting stuck due to very fewer memory consumptions.


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