How To Hide Files And Photos In Android Mobile


Hide secret Files and Photos in Android

There are some mobiles that have inbuilt application to hide files, photos, and videos from another person touch. However, those who doesn’t have the inbuilt option to hide their privacy, there are software apps that let you do the same to avoid strangers to have a look in your privacy or steal your secrets.

Let us discuss the crucial steps for securing your data:

A. Creating a hidden folder to hide files and photos

This method doesn’t need any apps to be installed, you can do this with your phone’s file manager.

  1. Create a folder with “.” in front
  2. save all your files and photos inside this folder
  3. All the files and photos are not accessible now


To hide your folder manually, you need to have the access of your phone’s file explorer. Create new folder. You can name your folder as per your wish but you need to give a dot (“.”) at the beginning to make it a hidden folder (like .my hidden files). folder name starts with “.” is hidden in Android Phones and tablets.hide-files-expert-app

Android system will understand that as a hidden folder and the content of that folder will never be accessible in the gallery or in any search. Of course, via the File explorer, you can have the access of this hidden folder.

However, if you want then it is possible to hide it from the File explorer as well. Tapping on the phone menu will open the setting option (at the bottom). You can then uncheck the “show hidden files” option from the “display settings”.  To revert back the action you need to recheck the “show hidden files”.

If there is no file explorer then you have no option but to apply a dedicated 3rd party tool (which are highlighted below).

B. Using Apps to hide files and images in Android

1. File Hide Expert

It is one of the easiest interface Apps in the market which helps you to hide your private collection. It works just as your default file manager. After opening the app you need to tap the folder icon (at the top right). You need to maneuver between the files and the main screen of the app. You have the “Hide all” option and similarly “Restore all” option to get back your files.  It may sound like a third party can easily locate it with the navigation, but there is a catch of password protects integration which concretes the operation.



Rating Downloads
4.1 – 47,717 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
Download File Hide Expert App


2. Vaulty

After downloading the app you would be prompted to provide a master pin. Next step would be to tap the “hide photos and videos” to explore your existing media. After tapping your preferred files you have to tap on the “pad lock” button as the final step. To access, you just need to give your pin and if you want to restore the files you need to tap on the “opened padlock” option.



Rating Downloads
4.6 – 326,171 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
Download Vaulty App  


3. Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is a third party app which needs to be downloaded from play store itself. It will help you encrypt or hide your entire private photos from others so that you maintain your personality ad do not create a false impression over others. Moreover, you may also hide the app icon so that none of the expert users are able to find out even the hiding app where you have hidden all your images.




4.5– 282,547

10,000,000 – 50,000,000

Download Gallery Vault App 


4. KeepSafe

Keepsafe acts a strong vault and with the help of a pin, you can navigate the interface. It also has a cloud storage and you can opt for it as a backup. After downloading the app you need to set up a pin. You can add photos by “adding picture’ while you tap.  KeepSafe photo locker lets you hide your pictures behind various multiple layers with password, pattern or fingerprint lock so that no one is able to find even a bit of your secrets.



Rating Downloads
4.6– 1,626,189 10,000,000 – 50,000,000
Download KeepSafe App 


How to choose the best app for your privacy?

After looking at hundreds of photo safe or photo vaults, you might get confused which app to choose and which to pass by. Recommended suggestion would be to go to the play store and search by typing “picture lock”, “photo locker”, “folder lock” and such so that the play store warehouse finds the best list. After getting the list you need to shortlist your best picks. First few rows are the best ranking apps for your searched terms. Go through the ratings, reviews, and number of installation along with their features. You can go ahead with your preferred installation and run the app. However, you need to take your final call in the initial days about its stability and work function.  If it’s not working then you can move ahead with your next best pick.

We all have a private corner and mobile phones have become our personal as well as professional identity. It is sure that there are files, pictures as well as videos that we want to share among close groups and not to everyone.



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